Making a Magnetic Pen at Home

Do you require assistance in locating your pen when taking notes on what's missing in your refrigerator or making other household records? Don't worry; we'll get out of this bind by learning how to make a magnetic pen that you can stick to your refrigerator. The following are the steps for making a magnetic pen at home:


Step 1: Locate Your Favorite Pen.

You can purchase a pen locally or online; it is best to select a pen that you enjoy using because everyone has different color and brand preferences.


Step 2: Obtain a magnet.

Buy a magnet that fits your pen's cap and ink pipe; the magnet can be found at any local store. It is recommended that you use an R424DIA magnet when making your pen because of its moderate magnetization and demagnetization abilities, as well as its ring shape.


Step 3: Take your pens' ink pipes and caps off.

Take the ink pipe out of your pen. To make room for the magnet in the pen, cut the part of the ink pipe that marks the end of the ink with a sharp knife. Insert a small magnifying glass into your cap.


Step 4: Replace the ink pipe and cap.

After successfully cutting and positioning your magnet, replace the ink pipe and cap as they were when the pen was new. Because the pen should be lighter, avoid using a heavy magnate.


Step 5: Implementation and archiving

Small metallic objects that have fallen to the ground can now be collected by the pen. You can now make a grocery list and replace the magnetic pen that has become stuck to the fridge door.