Making Your Own Magnetic Pen

When making notes about what's missing from your refrigerator or other household records, do you need help finding your pen? We'll get out of this jam by learning how to make a magnetic pen that you can attach to your refrigerator, so don't worry. The steps for creating a magnetic pen at home are as follows:


Find Your Favorite Pen in Step 1.

It is best to choose a pen that you enjoy using because everyone has different color and brand preferences. You can buy pens locally or online.


Obtain a magnet in step two.

Purchase a magnet that will fit the cap and ink pipe of your pen; you can find the magnet at any nearby retailer. Because of its ring-shaped design and moderate magnetization and demagnetization properties, it is advised that you use an R424DIA magnet when creating your pen.


Step 3: Remove the caps and ink pipes from your pens.

Get your pen's ink pipe out. Cut the ink pipe's portion that indicates the ink's end with a sharp knife to make room for the magnet in the pen. Your cap should contain a small magnifying glass.


Step 4: Reinstall the cap and ink pipe.

Replace the ink pipe and cap with the ones from when the pen was new after cutting and positioning your magnet successfully. A lighter pen should be used; avoid using a powerful magnifier.


Implementation and archiving in Step 5

The pen can now be used to gather small metallic objects that have fallen to the ground. Making a grocery list and changing the magnetic pen that is stuck to the fridge door are now both possible.