Regularity Cannot Explain Regularity: The Fall of RVL

First, it is crucial to reflect on the significance of the natural laws in NRT. This is due to three main factors: (a) they correct SRT errors; (b) they omit essential relations; and (c) they maintain HS. First, NRT resolves some of the significant problems that most regularity theories encounter in the process of constructing SRT and "putting in" the rules of nature. For instance, in NRT, succession cannot be causality unless there is a natural law requiring that every event of type C be followed by an event of type E. (Psillos, 2014). Since the laws of nature offer the kind of steady link needed between c and e, the NRT is a major advance over the SRT. Additionally, and maybe most significantly, NRT avoids logical need and is therefore approved by HS. Naturally, a key component of comprehending causation is understanding the rules of nature. However, NRT's enticing features come to a stop at this point, and the "stable relation" that was needed to explain causality is left unanswered.

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